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Robert Allain for Senate Economy


As a small businessman, I know firsthand the effects of inflation on our economy. Costs have tripled, supply chain issues persist, and oil and gas prices have skyrocketed. Now, more than ever, we need to stand with our oil and gas industry so our state can maximize its natural resources and stabilize our state and country’s economy.


At the same time, we need to streamline Louisiana’s tax code to make it easier for businesses to do business in Louisiana. Our current tax structure is too complicated and cumbersome for businesses to operate. The income tax rate in contributing to labor shortages and outward migration.

Robert Allain for Senate State Budget


Our state shouldn’t spend outside of its means. As your state senator, my top priority will be to ensure our state budgets are fiscally responsible, smaller, and more sustainable for a prosperous Louisiana. 

  • I will focus on developing out-of-the-box solutions to lower or eliminate Louisiana’s Income Tax. 

  • I will lead efforts to save for a rainy day fund and pay down debt when surpluses arise.

Robert Allain for Senate Infrastructure


Our state must prioritize addressing its crippling infrastructure. As your state senator, I’ll work to secure funding for our roads and bridges and increase access to rural broadband so we can end the digital divide in our rural communities. Our area faces more expensive infrastructure needs because of our proximity to water. This requires a greater investment in our infrastructure to address issues such as backwater flooding, funding drainage, pumps, flood control structures, and levees.

Robert Allain for Senate
Robert Allain for Senate 2nd Amendment
Robert Allain for Senate Education


Education creates opportunity and allows our children to build their future. We have to offer more opportunities to Louisiana’s students by allowing the funding to match the demand, addressing the literacy gap, and giving our parents more choices in their children’s education. And when it comes to higher education – I want all Louisiana students to know that our community colleges are just as important as four-year collegiate programs.


As a three-time state champion shooter, I understand the importance of responsible and safe gun ownership. I will always protect the rights and liberties our founding fathers outlined in the Constitution, especially our right to bear arms and right to defend ourselves.


When natural disasters strike, we need our state government to be prepared to respond and hold insurance companies accountable. As your next state senator, I’ll remain focused on addressing: 

  • Backwater Flooding

  • Restoring Our Coast

  • Revisiting and Revamping Evacuation Routes

  • Providing Relief Across Our District.

Robert Allain for Senate 21


Accessibility to your elected officials is critical. As your next state senator, I want all constituents in District 21 to know that my office is always open for business and open to your feedback. 

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