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Senator Allain Appointed to Key Senate Committees, Introduces Crucial Legislation for Insurance Reform and Louisiana's Seafood Industry


Franklin, LA — The Office of State Senator Robert Allain III (R- Franklin) is honored to announce his appointment to several Senate Committees, including Agriculture, Forestry, Aquaculture, Rural Development, Insurance, Natural Resources, Revenue and Fiscal Affairs, and serving as an Interim Member on the Joint Legislative Committee on Capital Outlay. With these appointments, Senator Allain is committed to leveraging these positions to advocate for the best interests of District 21 and the state of Louisiana.

"I'm humbled to be appointed to these crucial Senate Committees," said Senator Allain. "Rest assured, I will work tirelessly to represent the needs and priorities of the Bayou Region by working to find solutions to Louisiana’s insurance crisis, promoting jobs and educational opportunities, and defending Louisiana’s agriculture industry."

In addition to his committee assignments, Senator Allain has introduced two key legislative instruments:

Senate Bill 250: Aims to combat frivolous lawsuits that often burden our legal system and inflate insurance premiums for consumers by changing when and why someone can sue an insurance company directly, especially in cases where the insured person may not be able to be sued directly due to bankruptcy, insolvency, or other reasons. This bill is a step towards preventing bad actors who maliciously target insurance companies for their deep pockets while ensuring fair compensation and coverage protection for legitimate claims.

Senate Bill 40: By broadening the committee's scope to include additional experts and stakeholders, we can enhance seafood safety standards, bolster our local seafood industries, and capitalize on the quality of the products from Louisiana’s seafood industry. 

Senator Allain encourages constituents to reach out with any questions, concerns, or feedback regarding these bills or any other legislative matters. Senator Allain’s office contact information is listed below:

Legislative Assistant: Laura Meadows

Mobile: (337)828-9107, (985)850-2738

Fax: (337)828-9108 

District Office Location: 

600 Main Street

Franklin, LA 70538



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